I’m an IxTJ today. The S/N stuff was even, and the T/F and J/P were pret­ty close. Intro­vert­ed (I) 71% Extravert­ed (E) 29% Sens­ing (S) 50% Intu­itive (N) 50% Think­ing (T) 55% Feel­ing (F) 45% Judg­ing (J) 59% Per­ceiv­ing ℗ 41%


If you keep think­ing “That man has abused me,” hold­ing it as a much-cher­ished griev­ance, your anger will nev­er be allayed. If you can put down that fury-induc­ing thought, your anger will lessen. Fury will nev­er end fury, it will…

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