You know you are obses­sive-com­pul­sive when you have to edit the gram­mar in the quiz results…

I have passed the test, and I am now deemed wor­thy to be known as a … Sor­cer­ess. In the war between good and evil, Sor­cer­ess­es take the side of the noble and good. I am gift­ed with the ele­men­tal plane of Water. 

A Sor­cer­ess cre­ates mag­ic the way a poet cre­ates poems, with an inborn tal­ent honed by prac­tice. They have no books, no men­tors, no theories—just raw pow­er that they direct at will. Some Sor­cer­ess­es claim that the blood of drag­ons cours­es through their veins. It may even be true—it is com­mon knowl­edge that cer­tain pow­er­ful drag­ons can take humanoid form and even have humanoid lovers, and it’s dif­fi­cult to prove that a giv­en Sor­cer­ess does not have a drag­on ances­tor. A Sor­cer­ess often has strik­ing good looks, usu­al­ly with a touch of the exot­ic that hints at an unusu­al her­itage. Still, the claim that a Sor­cer­ess is par­tial­ly dra­con­ic is either an unsub­stan­ti­at­ed boast on the part of a cer­tain Sor­cer­ess or envi­ous gos­sip on the part of those who lack the Sor­cer­ess’ gift. 

You are attuned to the ele­men­tal plane of water. You may find your­self often drawn to places where your giv­en ele­ment can be found in abun­dance, such as lakes, rivers, oceans, or some­times even swamps. As part of your pow­ers, you may move through your ele­ment freely, being able to swim to the deep­est depths and breathe under the waves. Some mages of the plane of water have been known to build great fortress­es under the waves. Ever heard of Atlantis? Yep, that was def­i­nite­ly built by a water mage. It is well with­in your pow­ers, to cause a tsuna­mi, a storm of ice shards, or to cause a per­son unpro­tect­ed by mag­ic to spon­ta­neous­ly drown. 

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