My Math Whiz

Okay, Katie just brought me her math book so I could check the pre-test for the next chap­ter. She got every prob­lem right, so she’s skip­ping yet anoth­er chap­ter. That makes sev­en chap­ters in a book that only HAS twelve…

I Want a Doll :-(

Why did­n’t I know about the Emme doll before? Emme I’m annoyed that it’s priced right out of the actu­al toy mar­ket, though—it’s a col­lec­tor’s doll, not a kid’s doll.


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I own sev­er­al mail­ing lists. I help mod­er­ate or screen mem­bers for sev­er­al oth­ers. One of those lists is called “care­about­girls” and is asso­ci­at­ed with New Moon Mag­a­zine. (Incred­i­bly cool mag­a­zine for girls—shades­ong, has Miss Kid seen a copy yet?) The…

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