Still working on the site

But as you can see by the grow­ing list of pages on the right-hand side of the site, I’m mak­ing progress. The read­ing, stitch­ing, geek­ery and health parts of the site have been migrat­ed to Word­Press, although not always rewrit­ten and updat­ed. My pro­fes­sion­al site has been migrat­ed com­plete­ly now, too. There are still some pages to be migrat­ed here, but they’re com­ing, then I’ll work on get­ting the pat­terns site migrat­ed and maybe even add more pat­terns. Fibrant Liv­ing needs some love, as does, but that last one is my low­est priority.

I don’t sup­pose any­one would like to test stitch one of the pat­terns at Heart­song Hand­i­crafts? It would be nice to have stitched mod­el pho­tographs for that site. I haven’t fin­ished the biggest pat­tern that I was test-stitch­ing for the site yet.

There are new con­tact forms up on this site and at to offer an alter­na­tive way to reach me for those who might be shy about commenting.

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  1. Fun­ny you should ask that 🙂 I’m crav­ing some stitch­ing, but could­n’t decide on a pat­tern. Any one in par­tic­u­lar you’d like to see done? I’m lean­ing toward the queer pride motifs, although I have no idea what I’ll do with them once their stitched.

    1. Those would be great! Like any motifs, they’re intend­ed for use in Doing Your Own Thing — sam­pler design or whatever 🙂

      1. I’ll for­ward pics once I get one done — this might take a while, I’ve had all the moti­va­tion of a con­cussed sloth lately.

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