And Weather

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That’s what March is usu­al­ly known for, and so far the month is true to form here in Atlanta. Thun­der­storms yes­ter­day, more pre­dict­ed for today. What’s dif­fer­ent is that it’s hot, nas­ti­ly mug­gy. I don’t recall even being tempt­ed to use the A/C all year round until the last few years, but now it’s just about nor­mal. Hel­lo, cli­mate change! And the A/C isn’t work­ing here.

At least the cats enjoy hav­ing the win­dows open. They con­sid­er that an improve­ment over A/C any day. And I like watch­ing the cats enjoy the fresh air. Cats embody “be here now” pret­ty well. It has been too long since I shared my life with a dog, but I seem to remem­ber them doing it per­fect­ly. I’m work­ing on it that myself.

Cold! Cold cold cold!

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Our heat went out last night, so we woke up in a very, very cold house. I don’t care what you Yan­kees say, we had a hard freeze here, so it real­ly was cold! There was snow on the car before we went to bed Tues­day night, and we had to get ice off the wind­shield to go see my pain spe­cial­ist today. I felt like I’d nev­er be warm again despite wear­ing the pret­ty gloves and scarf Sam bought for me a while back.1

There was no response from the land­lord to email or many phone calls until late in the day. I hud­dled under the cov­ers most of the day, both to try to get warm and because my pain is always worse in cold weath­er. The land­lord even­tu­al­ly got some­one out to check the sys­tem late this evening.