Further Prof of Insanity: Blog365

I got through NaBloPo­Mo, as ridicu­lous as it was to com­mit to post­ing at least once a day for a month. So of course that small suc­cess has led me, in a moment of more-than-usu­al-luna­­cy, to sign up for Blog365 (oth­er­wise known as “Out of the Fry­ing Pan, Into the Fire”). The pur­pose is fair­ly clear: […]

School Update

School is going along fine. In fact, anoth­er semes­ter is almost done for me, and Katie’s almost at the end of her semes­ter, too. She’s kick­ing ass and tak­ing names. Now that she’s set­tled aca­d­e­m­i­cal­ly, she’s stretch­ing out into some extracur­ric­u­lar stuff and mak­ing more friends. We’ve man­aged to con­nect with a Girl Scout troop, […]

Poem: “Jen”

For LJ com­mu­ni­ty DropAndGiveMe50 … Okay, I’m try­ing. There aren’t 50 words but I’m a first-timer. And it seems too wordy already. I lay qui­et­ly bask­ing in your efful­gence sweet skin shin­ing my night has no oth­er moon you rule my tides I long to touch but you would wake to cov­er your beau­ty Cur­rent Mood: :-)sat­is­fied

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