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Wed, 12:49: Do mar­ried cou­ples who have inti­mate rela­tions every night change their sheets every day? Wed, 12:55: What should I think if my boyfriend says that he does­n’t love me yet? Wed, 13:03: Can bat­tling depres­sion prolong…

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Mon, 22:56: 5 of 5 stars to Attached by Amir Levine Tue, 09:34: 5 of 5 stars to Shad­owed Souls by Jim Butch­er

The Benefits of Maturity

I’m an Old­er Woman. My 50th birth­day is fast approach­ing. No mat­ter what I do with my résumé, it is pret­ty obvi­ous that I’m not a mil­len­ni­al. That is who is tru­ly desired, it seems, by the tech star­tups that…

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