I’m so tired of all the depressing stories in my Facebook news feed. Every day there’s more news about all the ground lost in women’s rights (especially reproductive rights) in this country, or something like the terrible results of the Wisconsin efforts to recall Governor Walker, or some child gone missing, or people shot dead while doing something innocuous like attending a funeral (that happened in Dekalb County, here in the metro Atlanta area, yesterday).

So I deliberately try to find positive things to counteract all that negative stuff. I’m always on the lookout for them, and would love any suggestions y’all have for such.

  • Positive Press, home of the Positive Quote of the Day list, Positive News list, and other resources.
  • The Daily Good is an entire web site full of good news, with a mailing list you can subscribe to in order to get a daily dose delivered up to your mailbox. Of course they’re on Facebook, too.
  • Open Your Mind is a Facebook community full of good stuff.
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