Review: Walking Dead by C.E. Murphy

Walking Dead (Walker Papers, #4) Walking Dead by C.E. Murphy

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I’ve enjoyed the other Walker Papers novels, but Walking Dead definitely showed more depth and maturity than the earlier volumes. Both the author and her lead character have grown very nicely. Joanne is far from perfect, but she doesn’t make the same mistakes over and over again, which is a pet peeve of mine and occurs all too often in some other authors’ works. (There’s consistency, and then there’s refusing to learn from mistakes to the extent that I have to believe that a character is too stupid to live.) As for the author, it’s incredibly refreshing to read a series that does not fall into the all-too-familiar paranormal romance formula!

Another thing I enjoy about this series is that heroine Joanne has a supporting ensemble of friends and coworkers who have their own talents and foibles, including a delightful married couple, a sexy father figure (who isn’t related to anyone we’ve met so far), and an even sexier boss. This time around we were treated to the return of a character Joanne rescued in an earlier volume who has grown into some of her own ass-kicking abilities.

There is a thread that ties all of the Walker Papers together, but C.E. Murphy is keeping things fresh enough that I, at least, am not getting bored. I would, however, caution that this is a series that is best read completely and in order. I began reading one of the novels without realizing that there had been a novella published between it and the previous one, and found myself well and truly confused. Walking Dead definitely is not a good starting point for the series! While a new reader wouldn’t necessarily be completely lost, she would miss far too many details to get all the juice out of this book.

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