Other FMS/Chronic Illness Blogs/Casts?

I’ll record episode 3 as soon as my sound tech (aka Sam, my part­ner) is avail­able. Right now, though, I’m in the mood to plump up my blogroll. Sug­gest oth­er blogs and pod­casts about fibromyal­gia, chron­ic fatigue, or chron­ic ill­ness, please! What are your favorites? Do you have one your­self? Tell me about it!

Well, that was (not) fun

I’m back home from a cou­ple of days in the hos­pi­tal, with a new diag­no­sis and all that entails, plus relat­ed fibro flare. Nobody likes hos­pi­tals, and peo­ple with fibromyal­gia deal with it even more poor­ly than oth­ers. I could do much kvetch­ing about the hos­pi­tal expe­ri­ence in gen­er­al, but let’s take it as read.  Ah, well—I’ve […]

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