Learning PageMaker

Last semester, I wrote a four-page document for a report that I intended to turn into something of a brochure. It’s about fibromyalgia and how it affects college students, and is intended for college faculty and staff members. I never…

Goodbye, Cultured Pearl Frost

Dammit, I think it is the nail polish. And I can’t find anybody selling that color any more. It’s my favorite “quiet” color (not red or purple), “cultured pearl frost.” It’s just barely there, a hint of lavender/pink in it…

Open Source Politics

I’m liking this site – thank you, immlass! http://www.ospolitics.org/ I wonder if there’s an LJ feed for it already? Edit: Example of why it’s so good—Domestic Abuse And another edit: Thanks to paranoidandroid, there is a feed now! osp_feed

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