The Hard Questions

Cool book:
The Hard Questions

The Hard Ques­tions con­tains 100 essen­tial ques­tions to ask the one you love. Rang­ing in sub­ject from mon­ey, sex, chil­dren, home, reli­gion, work, food, and friends, answer­ing these ques­tions is a way of cre­at­ing a deep and last­ing commitment.

The Hard Ques­tions were com­piled by Susan Piv­er at the time of her engage­ment to her hus­band, Dun­can. She loved him, she loved being in a rela­tion­ship with him, but she was­n’t sure how to make the tran­si­tion to mar­riage, to being a wife. After all, mar­riage is dif­fer­ent than sim­ply being in a relationship—and over half of them fail. Why? She exam­ined her past rela­tion­ships and real­ized that none of them had failed due to lack of love—they had failed due to lack of love of their life togeth­er. So she began com­pil­ing ques­tions about the life they would share. One by one, she and Dun­can answered these ques­tions and were alter­nate­ly delight­ed, appalled, infu­ri­at­ed, and/or mys­ti­fied by each oth­er’s respons­es. In each case, they learned some­thing valu­able about the oth­er. These ques­tions became the basis for this book.

I’m going to request it from the library. It almost cer­tain­ly has a monog­a­mous focus, but it sounds like the mate­r­i­al would be use­ful to any­one in any kind of relationship.

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