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Day: August 17, 2008

Good Reads Migration Finished!

That was not pain­less at all. The import fea­ture is tetchy, at best. I had to go through the entire list of 1300+ books and fix their “book­shelf” assign­ments, and add some that just didn’t import at all. I had over 1400 books in Now Read­ing, and I haven’t quite fig­ured out why there are fewer books in Good Reads. Oh well. It’s pretty much done!

The dates I’d read books, my rat­ings, and my reviews did NOT trans­fer to Good Reads, which is highly annoy­ing.

I was able to go through and update a bunch of books that I’ve read since NR stopped work­ing, and use the to-read cat­e­gory to request books from the library. As a result, there are 33 books await­ing pickup now, and another 61 pend­ing (mostly books that are really new or not yet avail­able). That doesn’t include the inter-library loan items I requested.1

Sam and I had bonus gam­ing time tonight. He’s stor­ing up brownie points before Dragon*Con. Katie, unfor­tu­nately, couldn’t sleep last night, then slept all day until about 11:30. Now she’s re-hydrat­ing and get­ting some food now. I hope she can go back to sleep. She’s def­i­nitely hav­ing a fibro flare. 🙁 

1 I’m so tick­led that the library added a way to put in ILL requests online!