Thoughts about what I want in a theme

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It’s been way too long since I start­ed, but did­n’t actu­al­ly fin­ish, the process of mov­ing all the old arti­cles on this site over into Word­Press. I got bogged down and did­n’t real­ly fin­ish, so the site stayed half-done and sucky. Now I don’t know if I should even both­er fin­ish­ing. Part of the trou­ble is that those arti­cles are SO old that when I start mov­ing them, I get bogged down in updat­ing them and I end up rewrit­ing them, and it’s hard to fin­ish even one sec­tion!

Oh No, I Have That Itch

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No, noth­ing like that!

I’ve been look­ing at Word­Press themes. Again. Lots of them.

I have lots of tuto­ri­als book­marked about cre­at­ing your own themes, too. I even have a cou­ple of books on the sub­ject.

One is quite new.

Dan­ger, dan­ger, Will Robin­son!

Graphics. Gah!

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There are times when being graph­ic-impaired real­ly does annoy me.

I’m final­ly mov­ing for­ward with port­ing the Heart­song Hand­i­crafts site to Word­Press. It should­n’t be a big deal. I’ve done the same many times before with oth­er sites.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I don’t have a logo. I mean, I have a sim­ple logo, but it isn’t very good. It does­n’t sing, that’s for sure. I just want a nice, sim­ple logo that isn’t ter­ri­bly busy, but that does­n’t look (like the first attempt) as if I made it from clip-art and stan­dard fonts. My utter and com­plete lack of draw­ing abil­i­ty is a seri­ous hand­i­cap in this endeav­or.

I did sor­ta cus­tomize a WP theme to match the crap­py logo, but that part is easy. The hard­er part is hav­ing some­thing to give the site visu­al inter­est, and that does­n’t exist right now.

On the oth­er hand, the cross-stitch pat­terns them­selves involve graph­ics, so I don’t want things to get too busy. It’s a bal­anc­ing act.

I may have to throw myself on Katie’s mer­cy, or some­thing. She’s pret­ty busy, though, and prefers to draw what­ev­er she feels like draw­ing rather than cre­at­ing some­thing to suit a par­tic­u­lar theme.

Learning curve

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Did HTML ever seem this intim­i­dat­ing?

The array of themes avail­able for Word­Press is absolute­ly over­whelm­ing, but I am a stub­born cuss. I want MY OWN theme. Of course, cre­at­ing one is not triv­ial, because I haven’t actu­al­ly learned CSS or XHTML yet. I’ve done just fine with my rusty HTML skills, since I haven’t been able to work out­side the home or done any heavy web work in years.

Oh well — I have a rea­son to learn now!

Please be patient 🙂