Pain Doc Day

Today was the month­ly vis­it to the pain doc, which requires trekking across town to Fas­cist Coun­ty. It was some­what amus­ing to see “Drought Threat Lev­el 4 Mea­sures in Effect!” right next to CVS water­ing their lit­tle patch of grass.

The doc­tor dou­bled my break­through pain med, so that I’m allowed to take it more often. Maybe that’ll help.

It’s always nice to have that time with Sam, although I feel bad that he has to take time off to get me there. We try to sched­ule mul­ti­ple appoint­ments, but one of Katie’s doc­tors just total­ly flaked today, so that one had to be resched­uled. The ortho­don­tist appoint­ment had been resched­uled to allow for that appoint­ment, so now we have that to look for­ward to, too. Oh joy.

When Katie and I were out on Mon­day, we found that two places we need­ed to go to were closed for Con­fed­er­ate Memo­r­i­al Day. Excuse me? Since when is it a state hol­i­day? I know we did­n’t take that day off from school when I was grow­ing up, not even in Alaba­ma. When did this resur­gence occur–as back­lash for MLK Day, maybe? I find it ridiculous.