Happy Birthday, Daddy & Matt!

I spent most of today with my fam­i­ly at my par­ents’ house. It was a won­der­ful vis­it! I got to meet my youngest nephew, Eli, for the first time. I was ill every time my broth­er and his brood came to town after his birth last fall (turned out I had pneumonia—I real­ly should learn to […]


I’ve dis­cov­ered that my blog posts stopped cross-post­ing over to my Live­Jour­nal account at some point in Sep­tem­ber. Many of my more vocal friends actu­al­ly read my posts over there, so any­thing I’ve said since then might as well have been tossed into the bit buck­et. I’m going to rework those posts and re-do them. […]

Happy, happy day!

A most splen­dif­er­ous day to word­can­dlemage! And just in case he’s out there lurk­ing, a big bear tells me that it’s also gus­lad’s birth­day :-) I seem to have missed mad­pi­rate­bip­py and ‘s birth­days yes­ter­day some­how. I’m so sor­ry! I hope they were won­der­ful! Cur­rent Mood: :-)grate­ful

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