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Setting Up Shop

Plinky asked, “If you were going to open up a shop, what would you sell? Food? Cloth­ing? Books?”

Book­store (IBC)

Books and needle­work items! My for­mer part­ner and I used to dream about open­ing a com­bi­na­tion book/stitching/gaming/coffee shop.

Of course, inde­pen­dent book­stores are near­ly dead, and even Bor­ders is dead […]


1) Din­ner with an old friend 2) Fresh flow­ers from his gar­den


1) Time with my daugh­ter 2) Deli­cious din­ner with Katie and some love­ly peo­ple 3) Stitch­ing time!


1) Kids young enough to hunt East­er eggs as many times as they can per­suade some­body to hide them. 2) A nephew will­ing to hide said eggs ’til the younger kids drop. 3) The lit­tlest nephew, too young to under­stand the whole busi­ness of hid­ing and find­ing eggs, but hap­py to run about after the […]

Laptops and Coffee Shops

Plinky asked, “Should cof­fee shops lim­it the amount of time that lap­top users can occu­py tables? Why or why not? What should the time lim­it be?”

Open Table

That depends on the cof­fee shop and its clien­tele. If a par­tic­u­lar shop isn’t hav­ing a prob­lem, why should it set a lim­it? […]


This is so cool. To hon­or Nation­al Poet­ry Month, there’s Nation­al Poet­ry Writ­ing Month, which is pro­vid­ing dai­ly poet­ry writ­ing prompts for April. I imme­di­ate­ly thought of Hope Evey. Because of this mar­velous thing I’m see­ing a poem a day from anoth­er love­ly lady.


1) Get­ting togeth­er with an old friend 2) Meet­ing his part­ner for the first time (final­ly) 3) My sweet new ukulele!


1) Good piz­za for din­ner 2) Liv­ing in an area where we can get a piz­za deliv­ered (that has­n’t always been the case) 3) Hav­ing the mon­ey to buy the piz­za! 4) Good din­ner com­pa­ny


1) My par­ents 2) My lap­top

Playing the Lottery

Plinky asked, “Do you ever pur­chase lot­tery tick­ets? Have you ever won?”


I don’t ever pur­chase them — nev­er have, can’t imag­ine that I ever will. I agree with who­ev­er called them “a tax on peo­ple who are bad at math.” I read some­where that in one of the recent […]