Pediatrician Referral?

We need a new pedi­a­tri­cian who –is in the Stone Mountain/Centerville/Snellville area (pre­fer head­ing towards Gwin­nett more than towards Dekalb) –actu­al­ly LISTENS to the kids instead of treat­ing them like idiots –takes fibromyal­gia seri­ous­ly Suggestions?

Mean Cats

Damn. Yes­ter­day Moon­stone attacked G’s ear because she was try­ing to get him out of the garage, back into the house. She bled all over the place—I mean, we had to wash blood out of the sweater she was wearing…

It’s Actually a Word! Word of the Day for Thurs­day, Decem­ber 5, 2002 booboisie \boob-wah-ZEE\, noun: A class of peo­ple regard­ed as stu­pid or fool­ish. Until then, he’d dis­missed Hol­ly­wood as a pur­vey­or of machine-made fod­der for the booboisie, but he found, much to his…

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