Kid Worries

Thanks for point­ing me to the Hall­marks of Felin­i­ty, damiana_swan. I found the “That’s not a woman!” strips a hoot, too (my daugh­ter is devel­op­ing into one all too quick­ly for my taste). Cur­rent Mood: :-xag­gra­vat­edCur­rent Music: Kit­ty col­lars jin­gling and the foun­tain burbling

My Hero!

Okay, the camp­ing shop­ping is DONE! Large­ly thanks to sam­bear, who met us out in the big wide world after work and made every­thing eas­i­er. By the time we’d gone to Sports Author­i­ty, Goody’s, Sam’s Club, and Wal­mart I was seri­ous­ly doubt­ing my abil­i­ty to dri­ve home. Sam made me eat one of those little […]

LJ Problems AND Diarrhea. Great.

Is LJ hav­ing some sort of DNS or serv­er issues this morn­ing? Or is it sucky AT&T Broad­band again? At first, none of the pic­tures would load. Now I ran­dom­ly get “can’t be found” errors for pages that I just looked at, and which I can usu­al­ly load if I keep hit­ting the refresh button. […]

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