They WANT to be repressed!

Some­body help me, please! I’m awash in a sea of stupidity.

My human­i­ties class­mates are full of ideas like:
“it isn’t real­ly that big of a deal unless you have some­thing to hide” — it being gov­ern­ment surveillance.

“…they won’t tar­get you or real­ly care about what you are doing unless you are doing some­thing wrong” — tell that to Peter McWilliams. Oh, you can’t, he’s dead!

“…the cam­eras don’t lim­it free­dom, you can still do what you want” — as long as “what you want” is with­in the cur­rent cul­tur­al norms, and there isn’t a pow­er-hun­gry fun­da­men­tal­ist decid­ing what to do about what they view.

Those exam­ples are from just ONE post. The class is full of peo­ple who are say­ing, over and over, very explic­it­ly, that they wel­come ANYTHING the gov­ern­ment does to “make us safe from terrorism.”

I’m scared.