I need an empty nest icon

No, noth­ing shock­ing has hap­pened. But Katie did start school today, and I feel as if she’s done need­ing me. It did­n’t hit me near­ly this hard last year, for what­ev­er rea­son. It seems more “real” now. She’s just so grown up!  In years past, too, I stayed at home because I was home­school­ing. The Mom­my. Now, […]

In Transition

Katie is going to high school in a few weeks, as a tenth grad­er. The school is much larg­er than the one she attend­ed last fall—approximately the same pop­u­la­tion as my own alma mater when I was there. I, at least, will con­tin­ue to write here, as I’ve been inter­est­ed in home­school­ing and edu­ca­tion much longer […]

Separation Anxiety

And I don’t even know for sure if there’ll be a sep­a­ra­tion! Katie may go to high school this year. We’ll know for sure very soon. I’ve done a tran­script for her, all offi­cial and every­thing. Just the thought makes me jeal­ous of the time I have with her now, though. I’ve enjoyed these years […]

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