Do you have to finish books you start?

This start­ed out as a com­ment on a poll over at GoodReads. It got too wordy and I fig­ured it would be bet­ter to turn it into a post. I used to refuse to quit read­ing after start­ing a book, which led to read­ing some things bet­ter left unread, to say the least—Piers Antho­ny’s Por­nu­copia, given […]

Review: We Are Meridians by S. Ghali

WE ARE MERIDIANS: BOOK ONE by S. Ghali My rat­ing: 2 of 5 stars There I was, mer­ri­ly read­ing along in this sci­ence fic­tion book. Then WHAM, S. Ghali ruined it com­plete­ly. How? They depict­ed the main female char­ac­ter as hav­ing an irre­sistible attrac­tion to the alien who was her ene­my min­utes before, a mem­ber of […]

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