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Tweets for 12-06-2007

07:53 Good morn­ing Tweet­ers! # 14:00 @mini­to­toro Work­ing in IT is not nec­es­sar­i­ly a sign of clue­ful­ness, unfor­tu­nate­ly. # 14:00 @ariedana We look for­ward to pho­tos of you in dress 🙂 # 15:27 @ariedana Woo hoo! # 15:28 @jchutchins You still doing that naughty phone call thing? # 15:31 @jchutchins All I have going […]

Tweets for 12-05-2007

22:26 Wel­come to the sweet & love­ly @hopeevey! # 22:29 @sashib Smart man! # 22:35 @hopeev­ey You’re doing fine, sug­ar. When some­one adds you, just look at their page on Twit­ter. # 22:36 @hopeev­ey If you want to fol­low them, click on the but­ton to do so (when you’re signed in to the site). […]

Tweets for 11-28-2007

13:59 @susan­reynolds By exam­ple, by giv­ing advice if they ask, and by advo­cat­ing for them as much as they’ll let me. # 14:00 @susan­reynolds One thing I say is, “Would you let some­one treat your child this way? Do you want her to learn from you that it’s ok to a … # 14:00 […]

Tweets for 11-27-2007

16:21 @pis­ta­chio I’ve used a cou­ple of things that inter­act with Face­book. You real­ly couldn’t miss the approval process, or do it acci­den­tal­ly. # 16:25 @thoughtout Got the pack­age! I didn’t real­ize that the PED is actu­al­ly met­al — much stur­dier than I thought! Very nice. # 17:04 @pis­ta­chio That’s noth­ing like the two […]

Tweets for 11-26-2007

22:35 Just got pic­ture of a baby from a rel­a­tive. Try­ing to find SOMETHING good to say about the poor lit­tle thing oth­er than “Bless her heart.” # 23:19 @ aship­kows­ki Wel­come! *hugs* # 12:44 @jti­moth­yk­ing Male or female? Approx. age? # 12:48 @jti­moth­yk­ing — Ok — aging, wor­ry­ing about whether he’s “over the […]

Tweets for 11-25-2007

11:59 Tried Spaz. It froze with­in 5 min­utes. Grrr. Back to Tweetr. # 11:59 Already tired of this neck-induced headache. #

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Tweets for 11-24-2007

17:06 @Nuke­Hav­oc @sambearpoet is nap­ping 🙂 I’ll make sure he sees your msg when he wakes # 17:08 Kioshi nap­ping on top of my mon­i­tor. Argu­ment against going LCD–he’s incred­i­bly cute. Where’s my cam­era? # 19:54 @pis­ta­chio If life were fair, “I’m already sick” would work, dar­nit. #

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Tweets for 11-23-2007

14:41 @jti­moth­yk­ing Whoops! # 14:44 @mktack­abery Didn’t know you had fam­i­ly in Atlanta # 14:45 @fly­swat­ter Hope the heat is fixed soon. #

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