R.I.P. Madeleine L’Engle

I start­ed this post on Sep­tem­ber 7, the day after the grand lady moved on to find out what’s next. I find myself cer­tain that she was­n’t afraid, that she looked for­ward to a reunion with her hus­band Hugh and oth­ers who had gone before. And yet I, who nev­er even met her in per­son, was too upset to fin­ish the post or even look at it again for two months.

Poetry: Highway Five Love Poem

High­way Five Love Poem for Anna –Ruth L. Schwartz From Dear Good Naked Morn­ing This is a love poem for all the toma­toes spread out in the fields along High­way Five, their gleam­ing green and rud­dy faces like a thou­sand moons pros­trate in praise of sun. And for every curd of cloud, clot­ted cream of cloud spooned briskly by an […]

Poetry: Valentine for Zephyr, Age 12

Valen­tine for Zephyr, Age 12 –Francette Cerul­li From The Spir­its Need to Eat The night before valen­tines are due, I take you to the movie about Vin­cent whose paint­ings you love. Too late I real­ize it’s a mis­take. You knew about his ear and you know the def­i­n­i­tion of pros­ti­tute, but nei­ther one of us was ready to see him cut […]

Poetry: Love at First Sight

For my sam­bear Love at First Sight –Jen­nifer Maier From Dark Alpha­bet You always hear about it— a wait­ress serves a man two eggs over easy and she says to the cashier, That is the man I’m going to mar­ry, and she does. Or a man spies a woman at a base­ball game; she is blond and wear­ing a blue head­band, and, […]

Poetry: Failing and Flying

Fail­ing and Fly­ing –Jack Gilbert from Refus­ing Heav­en Every­one for­gets that Icarus also flew. It’s the same when love comes to an end, or the mar­riage fails and peo­ple say they knew it was a mis­take, that every­body said it would nev­er work. That she was old enough to know bet­ter. But any­thing worth doing is worth doing bad­ly. Like […]

Poetry: Jack + Judy

Jack + Judy –Doreen Fitzger­ald From Cake: Select­ed Poems She was stuck on him like a three-cent stamp on a post­card show­ing a road­side din­er shaped like a hat; stuck like a stool on a chrome stem wait­ing to swiv­el a cus­tomer, or the naked thigh on a sum­mer day cling­ing to the vinyl seat. He could read her like a […]

Poetry: Thus Spake the Mockingbird

Thus Spake the Mock­ing­bird –Bar­bara Ham­by From Babel The mock­ing­bird says, Hal­lelu­jah, core­op­sis, I make the day      bright, I wake the night-bloom­ing jas­mine. I am the duodec­i­mo of des­per­ate love, the hocus-pocus pas­sion      flower of deliri­ous ret­ri­bu­tion. You nev­er saw such a bird, such a triage of blood and feath­ers, tongues and bone. O the world      is a sad address, […]

Poetry: Benediction

Bene­dic­tion –Stan­ley Kunitz From The Col­lect­ed Poems God ban­ish from your house The fly, the roach, the mouse That riots in the walls Until the plas­ter falls; Admon­ish from your door The hyp­ocrite and liar; No shy, soft, tigr­ish fear Per­mit upon your stair, Nor agents of your doubt. God dri­ve them whistling out. Let noth­ing touched with evil, Let noth­ing that can shriv­el Heart’s tenderest […]

Poetry: Things You Didn’t Put On Your Resume

Things You Did­n’t Put On Your Resume –Joyce Sut­phen How often you got up in the mid­dle of the night when one of your chil­dren had a bad dream, and some­times you woke because you thought you heard a cry but they were all sleep­ing, so you stood in the moon­light just lis­ten­ing to their breath­ing, and […]

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