Another One Down

I fin­ished up week 3 of the semes­ter, which means that we’re almost at the halfway point. I real­ly, real­ly want to get done with both class­es this semes­ter. I’ve had to drop the man­age­ment class twice in the past, and I’m tired of it!

The human­i­ties class isn’t that bad, oth­er than the “My Coun­try Right or Wrong” crowd. Some­one pulled out the old, “If you don’t like it you should just move” non­sense yes­ter­day. I wish I’d had a way to place a bet on how long it would take for that to hap­pen, as I fig­ured it was about time.

Read­ing the selec­tions from the text for the week was oner­ous. This kind of thing is what I real­ly hate about the human­i­ties. Why does it encour­age so much wank­ing? There were sen­tences that just did not parse in any way that could be con­ceived as sup­port­ing the author’s point of view. There was much rail­ing against tech­nol­o­gy as “an issue of inequity” to women. Excuse me? Last time I checked, things like trac­tors made it much eas­i­er for a woman to farm as well as a man, com­pared to using a plow. A gun is called an “equal­iz­er” for a good rea­son, too. The fem­i­nist, espe­cial­ly, insist­ed that tools can­not be con­sid­ered as “just” tools, because they have inher­ent good or bad qual­i­ties (she was pre­dictably very, very anti-gun).

Women, Work and Autoimmune DiseaseOn a hap­pi­er note, I received an Advance Read­ing Copy of Women, Work, and Autoim­mune Dis­ease: Keep Work­ing, Girl­friend! by Ros­alind Joffe and Joan Fried­lan­der. Good stuff! I’ll be review­ing it at Ama­zon and on Fibrant Liv­ing soon.

Speak­ing of which, I did post over at FL again today. Twice in two days, whoa! Maybe I’ll get around to, I don’t know, record­ing a pod­cast or some­thing crazy like that soon.

Cross Stitch Hap­py, a nice site full of free cross-stitch pat­terns, was rec­om­mend on Mag­ick­al Stitch­es today. What I’ve seen so far are very sim­ple, suit­able for any stitch­er.1

Charm CityI’m read­ing To The Pow­er of Three by Lau­ra Lipp­man right now. I read book two of her Tess Mon­aghan series, Charm City, first. It was okay, and I will prob­a­bly read more of those (they are sit­ting on my shelf of library books). I did­n’t fall head-over-hells in love with it, though, like some series. 

I’m uncom­fort­able with this one, though. It’s about a school shoot­ing. Only one per­son is killed, and two oth­ers injured. One—assumed to be the shooter—isn’t expect­ed to recov­er to speak. The oth­er, who has a rel­a­tive­ly minor foot wound, does­n’t seem to be telling the truth, though. All three girls had been best friends for nine years, and obvi­ous­ly one of the main plot threads will be retrac­ing their rela­tion­ships to see what went sour, how, why, and when.

The Power of ThreeThe most lik­able of the girls, from what I’ve read so far, was the dead one. Not that the oth­er two are bad, but they seem to be com­pet­ing with each oth­er for the first girl’s atten­tion. There’s evi­dence of the kind of manip­u­la­tive bull­shit that I always hat­ed about sup­posed “friend­ships” through­out school. I just did­n’t have many girl­friends, because I did­n’t want to play or even try to under­stand those games. I still don’t!

I don’t know how much fur­ther I’ll go with the book. It’s already dis­qui­et­ing, and if what I sus­pect is true, it’ll get more so.

I think I may be start­ing to get past The Crud. Maybe. I don’t think I had as much fever today, and I did­n’t actu­al­ly sleep when I tried to rest for a bit. I don’t remem­ber any dreams last night, either. (Fever gives me even weird­er, more vivid dreams than usu­al.) Here’s hop­ing it’s gone!

The girl and I have a busy day tomor­row. We both have med­ical appoint­ments, one of which is far, far, away. No way to get there but dri­ving, and Sam can’t take time off work, so I’m off to bed and hop­ing I can han­dle it.


1 Am I the only one who is always unsure as to whether one should spell it “Cross Stitch” or “Cross-Stitch” or “CrossStitch” ? I’ve seen all of the above used professionally.

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  1. I’m not sure how cross stitch should be spelled, and I’m pret­ty sure I don’t at all spell it con­sis­tent­ly. You’re far from the only one 🙂

    Say­ing that tools have an inher­ent moral­i­ty sounds like just a way to con­struct an argu­ment against a par­tic­u­lar tool. And frankly, I’m not pre­pared to grant tools enough agency to have a moral component!

    **rest­ful hugs** I hope the MD appoint­ments go well, and that you real­ly are get­ting past the Crud!

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