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Another One Down

I finished up week 3 of the semester, which means that we're almost at the halfway point. I really, really want to get done with both classes this semester. I've had to drop the management class twice in the past, and I'm tired of it!

The humanities class isn't that bad, other than the "My Country Right or Wrong" crowd. Someone pulled out the old, "If you don't like it you should just move" nonsense yesterday. I wish I'd had a way to place a bet on how long it would take for that to happen, as I figured it was about time.

Reading the selections from the text for the week was onerous. This kind of thing is what I really hate about the humanities. Why does it encourage so much wanking? There were sentences that just did not parse in any way that could be conceived as supporting the author's point of view. There was much railing against technology as "an issue of inequity" to women. Excuse me? Last time I checked, things like tractors made it much easier for a woman to farm as well as a man, compared to using a plow. A gun is called an "equalizer" for a good reason, too. The feminist, especially, insisted that tools cannot be considered as "just" tools, because they have inherent good or bad qualities (she was predictably very, very anti-gun).

Women, Work and Autoimmune DiseaseOn a happier note, I received an Advance Reading Copy of Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working, Girlfriend! by Rosalind Joffe and Joan Friedlander. Good stuff! I'll be reviewing it at Amazon and on Fibrant Living soon.

Speaking of which, I did post over at FL again today. Twice in two days, whoa! Maybe I'll get around to, I don't know, recording a podcast or something crazy like that soon.

Cross Stitch Happy, a nice site full of free cross-stitch patterns, was recommend on Magickal Stitches today. What I've seen so far are very simple, suitable for any stitcher.1

Charm CityI'm reading To The Power of Three by Laura Lippman right now. I read book two of her Tess Monaghan series, Charm City, first. It was okay, and I will probably read more of those (they are sitting on my shelf of library books). I didn't fall head-over-hells in love with it, though, like some series.

I'm uncomfortable with this one, though. It's about a school shooting. Only one person is killed, and two others injured. One—assumed to be the shooter—isn't expected to recover to speak. The other, who has a relatively minor foot wound, doesn't seem to be telling the truth, though. All three girls had been best friends for nine years, and obviously one of the main plot threads will be retracing their relationships to see what went sour, how, why, and when.

The Power of ThreeThe most likable of the girls, from what I've read so far, was the dead one. Not that the other two are bad, but they seem to be competing with each other for the first girl's attention. There's evidence of the kind of manipulative bullshit that I always hated about supposed "friendships" throughout school. I just didn't have many girlfriends, because I didn't want to play or even try to understand those games. I still don't!

I don't know how much further I'll go with the book. It's already disquieting, and if what I suspect is true, it'll get more so.

I think I may be starting to get past The Crud. Maybe. I don't think I had as much fever today, and I didn't actually sleep when I tried to rest for a bit. I don't remember any dreams last night, either. (Fever gives me even weirder, more vivid dreams than usual.) Here's hoping it's gone!

The girl and I have a busy day tomorrow. We both have medical appointments, one of which is far, far, away. No way to get there but driving, and Sam can't take time off work, so I'm off to bed and hoping I can handle it.


1 Am I the only one who is always unsure as to whether one should spell it "Cross Stitch" or "Cross-Stitch" or "CrossStitch" ? I've seen all of the above used professionally.

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  1. HopeEvey says:

    I’m not sure how cross stitch should be spelled, and I’m pret­ty sure I don’t at all spell it con­sis­tent­ly. You’re far from the only one 🙂

    Say­ing that tools have an inher­ent moral­i­ty sounds like just a way to con­struct an argu­ment against a par­tic­u­lar tool. And frankly, I’m not pre­pared to grant tools enough agency to have a moral component!

    **rest­ful hugs** I hope the MD appoint­ments go well, and that you real­ly are get­ting past the Crud!

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