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Date Night Happiness

My sweet­ie had to run a bunch of errands before he got home last night, which short­ened our date a bit. Gro­ceries were need­ful, though. We had some deli­cious deli-style sand­wich­es after he got home, so there wasn’t a kitchen mess to deal with, too.

I think we watched an episode of West Wing while eat­ing. We’re on the fifth sea­son, after Aaron Sorkin left the show, and it just doesn’t com­pare to the pre­vi­ous sea­sons at all. I haven’t even both­ered to watch all of them, although Sam has. He catch­es me up on any impor­tant plot details I’ve missed between episodes.

The girl went out for her reg­u­lar Wednes­day night fun, which was also nice. It’s eas­i­er to have “date night” at home when we know she’s also hav­ing fun.

Much of our game was tak­en up with polit­i­cal stuff, and a nice sur­prise of 32 new pro­to-demons that my character’s min­ions were able to shape into full demons of need­ful types. She has many min­ions, which is mar­velous. Oh, have I men­tioned that she’s the Demon Queen now? Inter­est­ing side­line for a high priest­ess of a good deity.

I would real­ly, real­ly hate to have to do a char­ac­ter sheet for Seau­claire any more. She’d be so mul­ti-classed that it makes my head hurt just to think about it. It’s nice not to deal with such things any more.


  1. Hope says:

    It real­ly sounds like this game has tran­scend­ed sys­tem, in a very organ­ic sort of way. 

    And Yay! for date night 🙂

  2. avdrewga says:

    I get wor­ried when my hon­ey runs a bunch of errands. I start won­der­ing if she’s a drug addict when she starts need­ing this or that from the store.

  3. autoglassaustin says:

    The theme is very nice and sub­tle. The pic­ture of the lady in form of a por­trait is great too. Nice blog, nice sto­ry. Thank you for sharing.

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