Over my Flickr Limit? Fun With Photos

I’ve been upload­ing some of the pho­tographs I have scat­tered all over my hard dri­ve, most of them of Katie. Some­how, I out­did my Flickr upload lim­it for the month!

I’ve had that account for eons and have no idea what the lim­it is, as I’ve nev­er approached it before. I was shocked when Katie hit hers with­in a few days of get­ting an account, then did it again as soon as the month changed — at which point we bowed to the inevitable and got her a pro account.

But me? Why would I ever need a pro account?

I have been jeal­ous of the abil­i­ty to have more than two sets, but that’s about it ’til now.

I’ve hard­ly even begun on the Katie pic­tures! I haven’t scanned in baby pho­tos that I have, much less the grand­par­ents’ albums.

Guess I do need a pro account.

I have a Zooomr pro account (because they’re giv­ing them away), but it does­n’t have all the nifty toys avail­able that have been writ­ten for Flickr.

As you can see, I’ve added a row of pho­tos above the top post on the blog. Most of the pic­tures are of Katie, but the bar will show what­ev­er I’ve uploaded most recent­ly, whether it’s pic­tures of our crit­ters, needle­work, or Katie. I’ll be upload­ing more as soon as the Flickr meter allows.

And then I wan­na make a scrapbook.