Why register? And where are the articles?

Well, the arti­cles — all the arti­cles that made up the bulk of my old site — are com­ing back. I just need to update them.

One thing I always regret­ted was that there was­n’t an eas­i­er way for peo­ple to com­ment on those arti­cles, to dis­cuss or cri­tique them.

Well, that’s why you should reg­is­ter. I don’t have to approve your reg­is­tra­tion — in fact, I’m not involved at all. I just get an email say­ing you reg­is­tered. It’s strict­ly an anti­spam mea­sure that you’re required to do that and that I or Sam approves your first com­ment. That’s it. It isn’t like the Live­Jour­nal “friends” thing, so I don’t have to know you or any­thing like that.

Reg­is­ter and tell me what you think — about any­thing. A post, a par­tic­u­lar arti­cle, the lay­out of the site, what I’ve writ­ten about in the past, what you’d like to see me write about, what­ev­er. Inter­ac­tion is the entire rea­son for going to this format!

Edit­ed 5/26: I’ve changed set­tings so that you can com­ment with­out reg­is­ter­ing, but you can reg­is­ter if you like.

3 Replies to “Why register? And where are the articles?”

  1. Hi, Cyn. Your hrefs on LJ are not work­ing. Who is host­ing your domain? I made a test word­press login. I also have Type­Pad. Just try­ing to see which is the best. TP is not freware.


  2. I had a markup error in my last entry — is that what you’re talk­ing about?

    I’m using 1and1.com. We’re quite hap­py with them so far. 

    I looked at TP among oth­ers, but want­ed to go open source. I got a bit drunk on themes, but choose a rather sim­ple one after all my explorations.

  3. I’ve used 1and1 for sev­er­al years now — their inter­face has improved a lot, so I have no com­plaints. When I was think­ing about host­ing my own blog, I was using WP too! Good stuff, but yeh, it’s easy to get lost in themeland.

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