Pagan Needlework

These are the overt­ly pagan designs I’ve found — pagan includ­ing Wic­can and many oth­er paths. The fact that I’ve list­ed a site here does not con­sti­tute an endorse­ment of the designs on it. Some of them are, by my stan­dards, down­right ugly. Oth­ers just aren’t to my tastes — but they are pagan. If you know of a site I’ve missed, please let me know!

  • Caul­dron Crafts spe­cial­izes in pagan and fan­ta­sy designs. They have four free designs avail­able for Samhain, Imbolc, Lugh­nasadh and Mabon.
  • Moon­gate Designs are car­ried by Fan­ta­sy Crafts. Note that there are two pages, and on the sec­ond page you may find the Earth Reli­gion Signs and Sym­bols book of par­tic­u­lar inter­est.
  • Wil­low’s Cro­chet and Craft Store has some neat pen­ta­cle and sab­bat pat­terns
  • Designs by Stitch Witch
  • Wil­low’s Place is the per­son­al site for the author of Witch Crafts: 101 Projects for Cre­ative Pagans. She has sev­er­al love­ly free designs avail­able on her site.
  • Mag­i­cal Needle­work — not a site, but a book by Dorothy Mor­ri­son
  • Aval­on Stitch­ery, “Pagan/Celtic/Medieval Cross-Stitch Pat­terns Designs by Mar­garet March.” Mar­garet is just get­ting start­ed but has two very nice free pat­terns avail­able and plans to release more soon.
  • Mag­ick­Stitch­es is a mail­ing list described as: “For Pagans, Wic­cans, or any Earth Tra­di­tions inter­est­ed in shar­ing tech­niques and dis­cus­sion relat­ed to needle­crafts as a mag­ick­al tool. All needle­crafts are wel­come-embroi­dery, count­ed cross stitch, quilt­ing, needle­point, cro­chet, and more. Dis­cus­sion may focus on spe­cif­ic projects (ex: Tarot bag or altar cloth), project ideas or sea­son­al items.”
  • Nathalie’s Designs
  • Moon­Shad­ow Stitch­ery has some cute pagan designs in the free designs sec­tion of the site.
  • Craft­ing the Craft is a mail­ing list that puts out one free project a month. They aren’t all needle­work, but some are, and all the old projects are avail­able in the list archies. They’ve just announced a new list as well, Paganettes, for kid-ori­ent­ed projects.
  • Vision Point Needle­work Designs has some love­ly free God­dess Sym­bol charts.
  • Cut­works has some Green Man designs as well as some love­ly Egypt­ian pat­terns.
  • Stitch Witch Cir­cle
  • Orig­i­nal Mag­ick Designs has graphs for the Rid­er-Waite tarot desk as well as a Wic­can Rede sam­pler with a knot­work bor­der.

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