Atypical Needlework

I’ve been doing count­ed-thread needle­work for about thir­ty years, and at times I’ve been ter­ri­bly frus­trat­ed with the fact that I seem to see vari­a­tions on the same themes over and over again: ted­dy bears, coun­try scenes, Chris­t­ian vers­es and kitschy crap. I sel­dom stitch a design, even for some­one else, unless I tru­ly like it. I don’t like much of the above. (When I make an excep­tion, it’s for love, noth­ing less.)

There are, thank­ful­ly, far more diverse pat­terns avail­able now than when I start­ed stitch­ing in the ear­ly 80s. It can still be hard to find some kinds of designs. In fact, if you’re look­ing for any­thing designed for those of us whose faith is any­thing but Chris­t­ian, you’re just out of luck in most needle­work shops. I’ve yet to see fem­i­nist designs, or any­thing for those of us with fair­ly lib­er­al pol­i­tics, or any­thing relat­ed to gay/lesbian pride. I’ve designed a few pat­terns now, but I also like to col­lect the sites I’ve found that do have unusu­al designs, and maybe make it just a lit­tle eas­i­er to find them. After see­ing some­one come into rec.crafts.textile.needlework at least once a month to ask about pagan and/or Celtic designs, I fig­ured putting them on a web site would be eas­i­er than typ­ing the info in every month.

The fact that I’ve list­ed a site here does not con­sti­tute an endorse­ment of the designs on it. Some of them are, by my stan­dards, down­right ugly. Oth­ers just aren’t to my tastes, but they are top­i­cal­ly atyp­i­cal. If you know of a site I’ve missed, please let me know! I specif­i­cal­ly haven’t includ­ed fan­ta­sy pieces, because Lady Jylythe has already done a mar­velous job of list­ing those.

This page has got­ten rather unwieldy, so I’ve final­ly been forced to split things up a lit­tle. The Celtic and pagan designs have their own pages now — the oth­ers are list­ed here.

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