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Atlanta Stitchers

I’ve heard so much about stitch­ing groups and stitch­ing bud­dies, and I’m jeal­ous. I want to have such a group and friends who stitch, so I’ve start­ed a mail­ing list to help metro Atlanta stitch­ers to find each oth­er. Any­one who does any kind of hand­work is wel­come!

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Atlanta Area Stitching Resources

  • Nease’s Needle­work in Decatur was my favorite stitch­ing store in the Atlanta area. They’re an online oper­a­tion now, but they still have a great selec­tion of pat­terns, fab­rics, fibers, etc. and they’ll get what­ev­er they don’t have in stock for you. Susan Nease is incred­i­bly help­ful and well-informed.
  • I haven’t been able to vis­it In Stitch­es in Atlanta yet, but they’ve been very help­ful over the phone and my mail order was ful­filled incred­i­bly quick­ly.
  • The Yarn Gar­den in Lawrenceville is my favorite place to go sit and stitch, or of course buy yarn. They’re very friend­ly and help­ful!
  • The ladies at The Naked Sheep have also been won­der­ful.
  • Eat, Sleep, Knit is where I bought the yarn for my very first project.
  • There’s also The Nee­dle Nook on Bri­ar­cliff Road, which will be of inter­est if you knit or cro­chet. They no longer car­ry needle­work sup­plies.
  • Dun­woody Nee­dle Accents (770–393-9388) has changed own­er­ship in the last few years. They have long had the most exten­sive selec­tion of needle­point can­vas­es that I’ve seen around town, and they keep a decent selec­tion of fibers in stock.
  • Abecedar­ius in Mari­et­ta (770–977-3585) focus­es on repro­duc­tion sam­plers. They do have many dif­fer­ent fibers and fab­rics in stock. It’s pos­si­ble that they are most exten­sive­ly-stocked store in the Atlanta area. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I’m one of many peo­ple who have found the staff unfriend­ly at best. As well-stocked as they are, I choose not to shop there. If I can’t find what I need at anoth­er local shop, I spe­cial order from Nease’s.
  • There’s almost always a Michael’s or JoAnn Etc. some­where near­by, too. I don’t like them as much as small­er shops in gen­er­al, because their staffers are nev­er as knowl­edge­able and they usu­al­ly car­ry the biggest brand name of the most pop­u­lar items, but not nec­es­sar­i­ly the best qual­i­ty prod­uct or any real spe­cial­ty items. (Hint: don’t try to buy linen in these places.)