Special Request to Fibrant Living Listeners

Edit: THANKS TO KATIE, we found back­ups of the pod­cast files we were miss­ing. Thank you Katie!

This is Sam. I am the pro­duc­er of the Fibrant Liv­ing pod­cast that Cyn­thia writes and records. 

The lack of down­load links on Fibrant Liv­ing #1, #2, and #3 are my fault. 

I thought that Lib­syn’s archive was in per­pe­tu­ity, but it wasn’t.

Now that they’ve done spring clean­ing at Lib­syn, Fibrant Liv­ing pod­cast #1, #2, #3 are all gone. I have no backed up copies of these pod­casts. My hard dri­ve crash in the sum­mer last year, cou­pled with Cyn­thi­a’s lap­top death, means that we as a fam­i­ly don’t have any extant copies of these podcasts.

If you have these, please let me know. Com­ment here, or send me email at bearsgrove@gmail.com.

Thank you very much.

Free Screen Magnifier Software

This isn’t where I usu­al­ly get geeky, but I think this util­i­ty might be use­ful to many readers.

I get notices from the Give­away of the Day and Game Give­away Of the Day sites each day as to what they have avail­able that day. They make arrange­ments with var­i­ous soft­ware pub­lish­ers to dis­trib­ute com­mer­cial soft­ware absolute­ly free in return for adver­tis­ing. The catch is that the soft­ware must be down­loaded and installed with­in the 24-hour peri­od of the giveaway.

I’ve been watch­ing the site for a year or so, I think, and have down­loaded and tried quite a few pieces of soft­ware. I’ve nev­er found any mal­ware in any of them, although I believe I’ve read men­tion of peo­ple get­ting unwant­ed soft­ware installed in a bun­dle because they did­n’t pay enough atten­tion to what they were agree­ing to dur­ing an install.

Get­ting back to my point, today’s give­away is a nifty util­i­ty that will mag­ni­fy a por­tion of your com­put­er’s screen, enabling you to bet­ter make out tiny print or small details. I did­n’t have one of these installed on my machine until about nine months ago, and I would­n’t want to live with­out it now. There is a free util­i­ty built in to Win­dows, but it isn’t quite as robust as some of the oth­er prod­ucts on the mar­ket. The descrip­tion for this one says:

Mag­ic Lens Max is a real-time, intu­itive and advanced screen mag­ni­fi­er and desk­top view­er to zoom, rotate, enhance, view and cap­ture any area of the screen dis­play. With built-in high­ly opti­mized resam­pling and enhanc­ing fil­ters, Mag­ic Lens Max quick­ly gen­er­ates high-qual­i­ty lens view with clar­i­ty in var­i­ous sit­u­a­tions. It also lets you view­ing in dif­fer­ent col­or mode or through sep­a­rat­ed col­or channels.

As I type this, there’s anoth­er 22 hours and 55 min­utes left to down­load and install Mag­ic Lens Max. Why not give it a whirl?

(Yes, it’s a Win­dows app. Aren’t we the only ones who need such crutches?)

Oh — while I don’t find today’s free game offer­ing ter­ri­bly inter­est­ing, I have found some of the games to be very use­ful dis­trac­tions on days that involve too much pain to do any­thing and I can’t focus well enough to read. Pop­ping bub­bles or what­ev­er is a per­fect­ly mind­less pur­suit, and very con­ducive to zon­ing out and get my head away from the pain for a bit. I don’t do “twitch” games, or any­thing that requires a lot of dex­ter­i­ty or is com­plete­ly tied to speed. If I was that dex­trous and/or fast, I’d be doing some­thing more use­ful than play­ing com­put­er games.

Rise and SHiNe!

This is to announce the start of a new pod­cast net­work: SHiNe, the Self-Help Pod­cast Net­work. SHiNe seeks to col­lect all the pod­casts that are about self-improve­ment, health and well-being in one place, so that peo­ple can find them more easily.

Check out the SHiNe Net­work at http://shinetwork.com

For Pila: How to make your own podcast

I was absolute­ly delight­ed to receive phone com­ments from Pila this week­end! I’ll play them in the next podcast.

Pila also asked about how he would go about get­ting start­ed with doing his own pod­cast, so I’ll put on my Tech­noMom hat and try to answer that here.

I took advan­tage of my own in-house expert, Sam, who does the The Bear’s Grove, Drag­onKin, and Bardic Cir­cle pod­casts. I know every­one isn’t that lucky, though.

Some of the links here have gone 404. I’ve writ­ten a new arti­cle on the top­ic myself, so I’ll just send you there.

Wikipedi­a’s arti­cle on pod­cast­ing isn’t a bad place to start, just so you def­i­nite­ly have a sol­id under­stand­ing of the var­i­ous aspects of pod­cast­ing. From there, move on to Make Your First Podcast.

I’d add one impor­tant detail to that arti­cle, though. Where it men­tions upload­ing your files to your serv­er, I’d sug­gest open­ing an account with Lib­syn instead. They have incred­i­bly inex­pen­sive rates and you won’t ever need to wor­ry about band­width issues, as you would on any oth­er server.

If you have any spe­cif­ic ques­tions after read­ing those arti­cles, please ask them. If I can’t answer, I’ll ask Sam to do so.

Thanks again for the com­ments, Pila!

Comments — yes, please!

Juliann, of the It Won’t Kill You and Sick and Tired pod­casts, kind­ly let me know that my theme is miss­ing some­thing real­ly impor­tant: the link so you can reg­is­ter to com­ment.

I’ve fixed that major over­sight now, and absolute­ly DO want your com­ments! Reg­is­tra­tion just takes a few min­utes, and is only required to keep down spam. I don’t have to approve you or any­thing. The process just makes sure that you’re using a valid email address.

Please go to http://fibrantliving.com/wp-register.php, which is now linked right there at the top of the mid­dle col­umn, next to the cur­rent post, reg­is­ter, and tell me what you think!

Actu­al­ly, you don’t even have to reg­is­ter now 🙂

And if you haven’t giv­en Julian­n’s pod­casts a lis­ten, head over there, too. They are excel­lent, and she has a love­ly, sooth­ing voice.