Episode 4

Episode 4

The first episode in the new, short­er for­mat, record­ed on my very own micro­phone. Thank you for your patience in wait­ing for it!

Most of today’s show is about audio enter­tain­ment and infor­ma­tion, which is great when the fatigue is so bad that lis­ten­ing is one of the few things we can do.


Ques­tions for you!

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  2. What top­ics do you want to hear about?
  3. Do you like hav­ing music in the show?
  4. Do you want me to post tran­scripts of the shows?

Thank you! And remem­ber, I always love hear­ing from you. Com­ment here,
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‘Til next time, be good to yourself!

Fibrant Liv­ing is pro­duced by Sam Chupp and is a mem­ber of the Fire­heart Foundry fam­i­ly of pod­casts. Music for the pod­cast is by Kimo Watan­abe, and comes from the Pod­safe Music Net­work.

Flowers Fighting Fibromyalgia!

Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by ChatOmbre.

This is a one flower of the love­ly bou­quet in my liv­ing room right now. Sam knows how much I val­ue fresh flow­ers, so he usu­al­ly brings them to me every week or two. Katie knows that I adore them, so she pho­tographs them, allow­ing me to enjoy them even longer. Actu­al­ly, the image in my blog head­er is from anoth­er bunch of flow­ers Sam bought for me. I arranged them and Katie pho­tographed them.

This is one of my lit­tle joys, one of the things that dis­tracts me from the pain and dis­com­fort of fibromyal­gia and oth­er diag­noses. What’s one of yours?

Back to school time!

In the US, par­ents and stu­dents are rush­ing about prepar­ing for the begin­ning of fall class­es. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, that involves shop­ping for new cloth­ing and sup­plies from pen­cils to com­put­ers. Teens and young adults are leav­ing home for col­lege dorms. The whole endeav­or devours mon­ey, time and ener­gy. Traf­fic snarls and tem­pers fray. If we had stress reports along­side the weath­er reports, this sea­son would be con­sid­ered guar­an­teed over­time at the news stations.

Remem­ber that there is noth­ing mag­ic about the first day of school. It isn’t the last day for acquir­ing cloth­ing for the sea­son. Acqui­si­tion of some sup­plies can be spread out a bit. (Before we became home­school­ers, we final­ly start­ed look­ing at some of the more exces­sive school sup­ply lists as “teacher wish lists.”)

If you are a stu­dent or a teacher, don’t spend all your ener­gy before the term begins! Calm down. You’ll be able to get more pens and paper and what have you lat­er on. Ask for and accept help. Set up a sus­tain­able sched­ule and a pleas­ant work envi­ron­ment that sup­ports you.

Now have a good term!

Fibrant Living Podcast #1

In hon­or of FMS/CFS Aware­ness Day 2006, here’s the very first Fibrant Liv­ing podcast!

Fibrant Liv­ing Pod­cast #1

This is my first episode, and here are some links you may want to fol­low after lis­ten­ing to the show.

This week’s music was pro­vid­ed by the Pod­safe Music Net­work. The song was “Good Day” by the Natives of the New Dawn.