Peppermint Purple SAL 2022 Week 9

Week 9 of the 2022 Pep­per­mint Pur­ple Stitch-a-long is done! This week’s block was a nui­sance because I was dis­tract­ed. I stitched it in the wrong place first, then anoth­er wrong place. Then I left that there, stitched it in the RIGHT place, and start­ed rip­ping out the one in the wrong place. I goofed and […]

2021 and 2022 Peppermint Purple Stitch-a-longs

I got my fab­ric for the 2021 Pep­per­mint Pur­ple stitch-a-long (final­ly) and stitched the grid. Now I’m wait­ing on a ship­ment of thread so that I can be sure to have enough of it to fin­ish the whole piece in one dye lot. The post office lost the fab­ric for the 2022 stitch-a-long for a few […]

2020 SAL Finished!

I final­ly fin­ished the 2020 Pep­per­mint Pur­ple Stitch-a-long! I want­ed to start the 2021 SAL right away but real­ized that the fab­ric I was sent was­n’t what I ordered. I ordered 32-count white Lugana to match this one and received 28-count. So now I’m wait­ing for a new order of fab­ric (I fig­ure I’ll eventually […]

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