After mak­ing that last post, I sud­den­ly got the urge to search for Maroc and see if maybe, just maybe, the com­pa­ny that made it had come to their sens­es and re-intro­­duced it. I mean, I avoid the depart­ment store…

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My sweet­ies have gone out for sup­plies. One of the sup­plies requires a trip into Atlanta prop­er, so it’ll be a while. I vol­un­teered to stay home with the kid­dies since two of them haven’t been to that par­tic­u­lar place…


sam­bear just made break­fast that is even bet­ter than those I remem­ber from my child­hood, bis­cuits and all. That’s sig­nif­i­cant. Cur­rent Mood: 🙂thank­fulCur­rent Music: Echo’s Chil­dren “Word of God”


Oooo, I like this. Total­ly unre­lat­ed to what I was think­ing about, though. sla­ma­ra­ma start­ed me  Cur­rent Music: “Blue Cham­pagne” — Man­hat­tan Transfer


Sparked by some­thing ilexx said … The first movie I ever remem­ber see­ing was the ani­mat­ed Alice in Won­der­land. We went right after my 4th birth­day. I remem­ber the theater—it’s near one of my Aunt Bet’s favorite shoe stores and (scan­dalous­ly!)…


I guess names are a top­ic of inter­est to many of us, huh? I’m yet anoth­er whose reply got too long for a com­ment in ‘song’s LJ, so I’m writ­ing it here. Cur­rent Mood: 🤔con­tem­pla­tiveCur­rent Music: Heather Alexan­der — “Gyp­sy’s Fire”

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