Online Writing Labs

So any­way, I meant to post about those Online Writ­ing Labs (OWLs) that many col­leges have put online. Their con­tents and qual­i­ty vary wide­ly from one col­lege to the next. They’re intend­ed to help stu­dents write their papers at what­ev­er time they get around to doing them, wher­ev­er they hap­pen to be. Good ones include […]

Retouching Photographs

Ganked from the­fer­rett: Retouched pho­tos and the orig­i­nals curiousmay9’s sis­ter is a mod­el, and even she has trou­ble pick­ing the sis­ter out of all the oth­er looka­likes in a mag­a­zine. A lot of that is due to the retouch­ing that’s done, tak­ing away so many lit­tle things that make each per­son unique and real.

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