Pressed Fairies

mique_mique—are these the pressed fairies you were seek­ing? Just in case the Chap­ter 11 peo­ple nev­er got help­ful enough, it’s Lady Cot­ting­ton’s Pressed Fairy Book by Ter­ry Jones and Bri­an Froud. There’s a sequel, Lady Cot­ting­ton’s Fairy Album, and…


I’ve been on the Word a Day list for years, but haven’t real­ly explored the web site. I post­ed the link for some­one else yes­ter­day, and as a result sumob­abe end­ed up play­ing with the ana­gram page. Of course, I…


I’ve been scar­ing the cats by hoot­ing in laugh­ter: I think the romance cov­er was my favorite. Cur­rent Mood: 😉sil­ly

Pretty Clothes

Cool clothes! I’m too old for them, but they’re neat! I did find some­thing I real­ly want, though And god­dessin­ga, this would look GREAT on you! And look at this — I HATE the way those pants are…

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