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I’m split­ting my mate­r­i­al to dif­fer­ent sites, depend­ing on the top­ic. If it’s about inter­net safe­ty, it will even­tu­al­ly be on Cyber­Stalked. If it’s about fibromyal­gia, chron­ic fatigue syn­drome, or liv­ing with chron­ic ill­ness, it’ll be on Fibrant Liv­ing. My writ­ing sam­ples and resume are mov­ing to Most home­school­ing mate­r­i­al has moved to Acad­e­my Car­i­tas. Arti­cles about love, rela­tion­ships, and com­mu­ni­ty are at Felis­Lu­nae. And, last but cer­tain­ly not least, my orig­i­nal needle­work pat­terns are mov­ing to their own home, Heart­song Hand­i­crafts.


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