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Stoopid School!

I just found out that DeVry did­n’t “pack­age” my finan­cial aid for this semes­ter. Huh? I reg­is­tered the day reg­is­tra­tion opened, or near­ly so, as I recall. I was­n’t sched­uled to grad­u­ate. I did every­thing I’m sup­posed to do, in fact. Some­body there just dropped the ball.

Why isn’t that sort of thing auto­mat­ed so that does­n’t hap­pen? It isn’t as if the place spe­cial­ized in, oh, tech­ni­cal degrees or any­thing like that, right?

Then they inform me that because of their mis­take, my stu­dent loans are also screwed up, and I’m going to end up owing them over $4k for the semes­ter! What?!

Yes, I’m fight­ing this. That school has screwed up some­thing every sin­gle semes­ter I’ve attend­ed it! Unfor­tu­nate­ly, so did SPSU. Is this just a giv­en with col­leges? They only hire the incom­pe­tent, or they don’t hon­or com­pe­tence, or what? I know that schools usu­al­ly pay less than oth­er employ­ers, so maybe they can’t com­pete and don’t care to try?

For your sakes, I will not upload a record­ing of the bel­low of inar­tic­u­late rage this crap pro­voked. I think it would have bro­ken my micro­phone, any­way.

2 comments to Stoopid School!

  • I think it’s a com­bi­na­tion of lit­tle incen­tive to com­pe­tence in finan­cial aid offices, and pri­vate indus­try pays bet­ter.

    ARG!!! Finan­cial aid is mad­den­ing. That’s one of the advan­tages on attend­ing in-per­son, I think. When you phys­i­cal­ly walk into the office, folks sud­den­ly real­ize you’re a human being — at least they did at UNCG — and things got solved. Maybe it would help to bring up ADA? That kind of thing often get bureau­cra­cies mov­ing, too.

  • cyn

    I attend­ed class­es in per­son dur­ing my first semes­ter at DeVry, and the whole time I was at SPSU. I spent a LOT of time in var­i­ous offices try­ing to get things fixed. I got to know every full-time employ­ee in the finan­cial aid depart­ment at SPSU!

    I’ve used the ADA stick in the past, but I don’t see how it could help this time. I think I may have to con­tact the cor­po­rate pres­i­den­t’s office again. They’re in Illi­nois or Michi­gan or some­where (can’t remem­ber right now), so I can’t just walk in physically–but I know how to fax, email, and phone until I force an answer.

    It just takes too dan­ged much ener­gy!