Brief Update and Review of Witch Way to Murder

I’ve been doing so much read­ing because I’ve been sick and unable to do much else. We did get the girl to her doc­tor, so we know there’s no strep around here. The doc­tor would­n’t rule out mono, but would­n’t test for it either. (I don’t real­ly like this woman, and we usu­al­ly try to go when the nicer physi­cian is there.) She said that since they don’t do any­thing but treat the symp­toms if it is mono, and the con­ta­gion peri­od would have been 60–90 days ago, she does­n’t see any rea­son to run a test.

Yes, you aren’t “sup­posed” to be able to get mono more than once, but I’ve had it sev­er­al times, and it seems that Katie has it again, too. That isn’t so unusu­al with peo­ple who have chron­ic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia.

I want­ed some­thing light to read that did­n’t suck, and I ran across the men­tion of Shirley Dams­gaard’s Ophe­lia and Abby mys­ter­ies some­how recent­ly, so I got them from the library. I just fin­ished the first, Witch Way to Mur­der, and I’m tick­led to have found new series of “cozy” mys­ter­ies that I like.

Com­bine two gen­er­a­tions of witch­es, a librar­i­an (who does needle­work!), a per­son­able cat and dog (and no, they don’t talk, thank­ful­ly), and a sexy side­kick in a small town where every­body thinks they know every­body else’s busi­ness and you have a very nice lit­tle set­ting. I won’t tell you much about the plot of the first book, but it is fair­ly good. I’ll be read­ing the oth­er four books in the series now since they’re on my shelf.

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7 thoughts on “Brief Update and Review of Witch Way to Murder

  1. That isn’t so unusu­al with peo­ple have chron­ic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia.

    Inter­est­ing, I have had mono three? four? times since my first diag­no­sis back in 91-ish and I was also diag­nosed with CFS around 2004-ish. 

    I won­der if it’s related…

  2. Does­n’t it make sense to diag­nose the prob­lem so you know you’re treat­ing the right symp­toms rather than ignor­ing some­thing more seri­ous? Espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing a mono spot costs $10 and 5 min­utes? I can see why you dis­like that doctor.

  3. Yep — one of the the­o­ries about the caus­es of CFS/ME has to do with mono. And when Katie and Alice both had mono back in, um, 2003? 2004? (can’t remem­ber which right now — bad pain/fog day), an infec­tious dis­ease spe­cial­ist told Alice that if you don’t recov­er from mono in a cer­tain amount of time, they change the diag­no­sis to CFS.

  4. Oh, know­ing exact­ly what’s wrong would make WAY too much sense!

    I real­ly need to get their office staff to give us the good doc’s sched­ule, then check to be sure she’s real­ly in before we bother.

  5. BooHiss at the moron doctor!

    The book sounds like fun — I was just think­ing that I could use a good cozy. I’ll have to see if my library has these 🙂

  6. I see a woman doc­tor. She is smart, fun­ny, warm, kind and effi­cient. And she’s a good doc­tor, too. I quit see­ing the male doc­tor I had been see­ing for years for the same rea­sons that your female doc­tor is prob­a­bly not the doc­tor you should be seeing.

  7. For more rel­a­tive­ly short books with inter­est­ing plot­lines and char­ac­ters but not too much to keep track of, I’d rec­om­mend Patri­cia Brig­gs “Mer­cedes Thomp­son” series. Not sure if that’s the name of it as a series, but there are three tight­ly con­nect­ed ones: Moon Called, Blood Bound, and Iron Kissed. The Hus­band tells me that he isn’t sure there are going to be any oth­ers, because (as he read on the author’s web­site) one of the require­ments from the pub­lish­er was that “the lead char­ac­ter have an inter­est­ing lovelife”. Since the lead char­ac­ter­s’s lovelife is pret­ty much resolved by the end of the third book, that *seems* to leave it as ‘fin­ished’. I have, how­ev­er, heard a rumor that she’s using the same ‘world’ in a new book involv­ing a side char­ac­ter from one of the books and task they were sent off to take care of. 

    That said, I’m still enjoy­ing LKH enough to buy her stuff; I’m not so much about mys­ter­ies for the men­tal puz­zle as I am about char­ac­ter and descrip­tion. The elfy ones are amus­ing me, the vampy ones at least have the main char­ac­ter grow­ing up final­ly, and some­thing about Lau­rel­l’s writ­ing style just pulls me in, even the parts that have me gig­gling inappropriately.

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