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I experimented with publishing articles at Themestream, and enjoyed the feedback I received about them. Unfortuantely, it's gone, and I haven't seen a similar site that's really worth the trouble. So most of the articles I'd published there are available here now, along with some I never got around to releasing there and some that were on my web site a long time ago but haven't been available lately.

These articles are sometimes similar to diary entries. Sometimes they exist solely so that I can blow off steam. Sometimes they exist to educate people. There are no great thoughts here, no chapters of the Great American Novel (I am one of the three known authors who are not trying to write it), nothing like that. Just an irregularly kept journal of sorts.

Since I started blogging and moving my articles to different sites based on their content, the list of articles on this page has gotten smaller and smaller. If you're looking for something that used to be here, though, your best bet is to check, my official writing portfolio.


Net Tracking

Online Safety

  • Safety and Online Gifting Groups
  • Avoiding Online Harassment - a series of articles written about what I wish people knew before they had to come to WHOA for help with a harassment case:
  • Meeting People Online - no, it isn't necessarily more dangerous to meet people on the net than any other way, but you can't take information back after you've given it to someone, so you need to think about what you say about yourself
  • Meeting Online Contacts Offline - there are safe and unsafe ways to take an online friendship into the real world - use your common sense!



Roleplaying Games

Things That Don't Fit Into Any Other Category



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