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Welcome! I am Cynthia Armistead, aka TechnoMom. I am the geek who understands you and your needs, because of my unique combination of technical skills and eclectic background. I offer technical support and training services to individuals and small businesses. If you're in the metro Atlanta area, I can come to your location or help you remotely. If you're not in this area, I'd be happy to help you remotely.

  • I can assist you with Windows, Microsoft Office, the Internet, and email.
  • Do you think your computer might have a virus? Has it gotten slower, or are you getting pop-ups when you're on the web? I can remove malware from your computer and repair the damage it has done to your system.
  • If you have more than one computer or a computer and mobile devices like a smartphone or table, I can help you network them together to share files and printers.
  • Do you need help moving files from your old computer to your new one, or setting up a backup system?
  • Are you not sure if it's worth the money to upgrade your old computer, or if you need to buy a new one? I can help you with that decision - as well as deciding what to buy.
  • Are you sitting in front of a new computer or looking at your new smartphone or tablet, feeling lost? We can spend an hour or two together and get you up to speed.

I started learning about computers in self-defense back when I did administrative work, because the IT people usually didn't have time for admin staff, or they were rude and condescending when we asked them questions or reported problems. After a while, I didn't need the IT staff for the most part, and my co-workers started coming to me for help instead of asking the "computer people" to fix things. My husband took a job 150 miles away from Atlanta in 1990, and my employer couldn't find anyone to do my job, so I got my own computer and began working from home. Soon after that, I had my first consulting job, teaching someone else how to use his computer.

Things have changed a lot since 1990, but I've kept up with them, and I can help you, as well. You shouldn't have to learn what I did to use technology as a convenient tool. Your smartphone, tablet, and computer are all great ways to stay in touch with your family and friends, but that can't happen if they aren't working properly, or if you don't know how to use them!

If you need a hand, give me a call at 478-787-4475, or use the contact form here on the site. I look forward to hearing from you!