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Monument to See

Plinky asked, "What famous monument do you hope to see one day?"

mont st michel.JPG

I'd like to go back to Mont St. Michel some day and spend more time there. I visited the place briefly during a trip while I was in high school, and a small part of one day simply wasn't nearly enough time to spend in the cloisters, much less the rest of the place. There's so much history there!

I would have been happy to wander up the winding road lined with shops at a leisurely pace had we not been on such a strict schedule, but as it was I was racing to make it to the top.

Of course, all visitors are on something of a schedule, because the tide covers the road to the island every day, and I'm not certain visitors are even allowed to stay past a certain time. It might be necessary to stay nearby and spend several days exploring, concentrating on a different bit of the island each time – the cloisters one day, different stages of the cathedral construction on different days, the shops another – to truly do the place justice.

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Road Trip Essentials

Plinky said, "List your must-haves for a successful road trip."

road trip

Assuming you've already got a reliable vehicle, the most important thing is good company – someone who understands that the journey is at least as important as the destination, someone who can happily follow the surprises that come up on a real road trip.

Next is good music. Without that, you are sunk. One of the great things about good company is that you can make your own good music in a pinch, and that's how we used to do it before we had CDs and MP3 players with which to carry many GBs of tunes around.

Next, a cooler filled with drinks. You get thirsty in the car, and its cheaper and more convenient to just take your own water bottles and sodas along. Taking healthy snacks with you is advisable, too. You can skip this step in a pinch, but it's more expensive to travel without them.

Finally, a couple of changes of clothes and your toothbrush. Pack lightly, because you don't go on road trips to look glamorous. You go on them to have fun, period.

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Plinky asks, "Would you ever take a cruise? Why or Why not? Where would you go?"

And Another Cruise Ship

Sure. I'd love to take a cruise. In fact, that seems like a lovely way to travel to/through the Caribbean or the coast of Alaska. I know people who have done both who recommend both trips highly.

I think I'd enjoy a theme cruise more, though, like gaming (RPG gaming, not gambling gaming) or filking or maybe even an entire SF Con on board a ship. I'm not particular to any one fandom enough to get into anything like a Trek cruise, but a more general fan cruise could be fun. Combine lovely surroundings and pampering with fun? Sure!

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Ford fattens computer models

According to http://ergoweb.com/Ergoweb, the models, which are used in the design of the passenger area of Ford’s vehicles, are “chunkier” than previous models, to allow for “a bigger belly and wider hips.”

The company recognized it is harder to sit in a car if the steering wheel feels too tight, the seat seems a little too narrow and there is not enough room for the legs.

Thank you, Ford! Dare we hope that other car manufacturers, maybe even (gasp!), airlines might follow suit?

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