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Glad I Stopped Reading!

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Blogging, Reading | Posted on 11-08-2008


Love Bites gives a syn­op­sis of the first three all four Twi­light books. 

Edit: Katie informed me that the above actu­al­ly men­tions events in book four, which caused me to acci­den­tal­ly give her a spoil­er. Whoops!

It’s a real­ly, real­ly good thing I stopped read­ing after book two. I’m absolute­ly disgusted!

Hap­pi­ly, the book I’m read­ing to review for TCM is quite good. I’m a wee bit dis­tract­ed by the author’s Very Sil­ly Name – I don’t know if it’s a pen name or if she had cru­el par­ents. It doesn’t change the fact that the book is enjoyable.

Drama Circuits Still Overloaded

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Reading | Posted on 10-08-2008


My real-life dra­ma tol­er­ance cir­cuits were total­ly burned out with mar­riage v.3. I’m cool with that. I was able to han­dle much more of it in fic­tion, though I’m not big on whiney characters.

I guess the Stephanie Mey­er back­lash is still with me, though, because after fin­ish­ing the fifth of Lau­ra Anne Gilman’s Retriev­er nov­els, Falling Free, I tried read­ing Anne Bishop’s Tan­gled Webs.

I just start­ed read­ing Bish­op ear­li­er this year, and tru­ly enjoyed the ear­li­er Realms of the Blood books. I did notice that every­body in the books is more than slight­ly high-strung, and that (as is so often the case), good com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills would have large­ly removed most the plot premises.

I mean, yeah, evil peo­ple plot, what are you going to do about it? Stick togeth­er and talk to the peo­ple you care about, dammit! Nev­er believe you’ve been betrayed with­out doing some fact-check­ing, at the very least!

But I just got a few chap­ters into Tan­gled Webs, and there they go again. I think lithi­um needs to be added into the water table of this universe.

I’m dis­ap­point­ed, because I do enjoy many things about Bishop’s writ­ing. Maybe I’ll give that one anoth­er try some­day in the future. For now, it goes back to the library.

Grey­walk­er by Kat Richard­son is next on the stack!

Review: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Book Reviews, Reading | Posted on 30-07-2008


I finished reading New Moon, which was much, much more dramatic (emotionally) than Twilight. As in, Bella goes into a zombie state for months, and the book just has blank pages with the names of each month as place holders--October, November, December, January, etc. I (and most everyone I know) have handled divorce better than this kid handles a teenage breakup! And her parents never put her in therapy why? (I think she should have been in-patient, myself.)

I couldn't let go enough to read this book from the intended audience's perspective. I kept thinking that there's no way I'd let a child of mine get involved with anyone so clingy. She wants to be with a guy 24/7, and no, I am not exaggerating at all. These books are a case study of dependent personality disorder. The fact that they are so incredibly popular is worrisome to me.

Sunday Night

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Critters, Family, Reading | Posted on 27-07-2008


Yes, I'm boring. I hate trying to think of titles for posts.

The girl is off visiting, having left yesterday afternoon. Her cat is frantic. He is very much attached to HER, not US. So whenever she leaves the house, he goes nuts, gets terribly anxious, and is certain that she'll never, ever come back. He spends most of his time sitting in the front windows or sniffing under the front door, trying to detect her return.

Shelley never freaked like that, but then Katie visited Atlanta once a week pretty much every week from the time she was a few weeks old 'til they moved here with me. She knew the girl would always come back. And Shelley was with me for a year before Katie was born, and attached to both of us. Kioshi is just a one-person cat. I should make that a one-girl cat, as he isn't big on males at all.

I read the first of Laura Anne Gilman's Retriever novels, Staying Dead. Fun stuff, and I think many of you would enjoy it. Then I went on to Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Katie was so excited about it that I had to see what the big deal was. She finished that huge sucker in a day or so. I took a little longer, but then I wasn't the one checking the library's hold queue several times a day.

I can see why the series is such a huge hit with some teenage girls, but I don't think it will carry nearly as much popularity with any other age group or males, period. There's too much "oh, I'm bad for you" angsting from the vampire (male romantic lead). Seriously--he beats David Boreanz's Angel all to pieces on the brooding, and that takes some doing.

The main character, Bella, is annoying to me because she's pretty damned useless. She honestly can't be trusted to walk down a hallway with no obstacles without hurting herself. She's not creative or particularly intelligent, shows no particular talents of any sort--a beige person, in my mind. What's there to like?

I took a break and read Curse The Dark (second of the Retriever series) before starting New Moon, but I did start it. And damn, it's even more emotionally dramatic.

I'm not sure I'll read the other two books whenever we get hold of them (I'm not sure the fourth is even out yet). I know that Katie will, though. The series isn't written badly, but I'm way out of the target audience.

What? Huh?

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Art, Reading | Posted on 21-07-2008


There was some­thing spe­cif­ic I was going to post. I know it. I remem­ber think­ing, “Oh, yeah, I want to blog about that!” But I didn’t do it imme­di­ate­ly and now, of course, it’s gone, gone, gone. Blah.

So, instead, you get a lit­tle hodge-podge update of books and pictures.