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Birthday Boy and Girl!

Happy Birth­day to the inim­i­ca­ble and the lus­cious !

Long Monday

I was so busy Mon­day, and so wiped out, that I actu­ally scrib­bled this out on paper and just now (Thurs­day) got a chance to type it in.

We had Hope until this morn­ing, which was nice. But then she left, which I knew would hap­pen, but it still wasn’t as nice. I miss her! Kioshi did finally decide that she might not be so fear­some, and per­mit­ted her to offer scritches while he stropped her ankles to mark her. I fig­ure that made Diana (Hope’s dog) very curi­ous when Hope got home!

The only good that about her depar­ture is that she had to leave to come back, right?

Katie had an appoint­ment, then we ran some errands, then we came home and col­lapsed. Pretty bor­ing, all in all.

Fun Day

I have an SBQ to post, but it’ll have to wait. :-)

I’m lov­ing hav­ing Hope here for a visit. She’s great com­pany, and cer­tainly easy on the eyes. She’s been mar­velously patient with my need to sleep so much and the fact that I’m dopey from fibro fogs and med­ica­tions.
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We have Hope!

And we have her all week­end! Squee!

Squee! Hope is Coming!

I’m so excited! We’re going to have our very own Hope Evey visit in a few months! We finally get to meet the sweet pretty lady in person!