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Birthday Boy and Girl!

Happy Birthday to the inimicable and the luscious !

Long Monday

I was so busy Monday, and so wiped out, that I actually scribbled this out on paper and just now (Thursday) got a chance to type it in.

We had Hope until this morning, which was nice. But then she left, which I knew would happen, but it still wasn’t as nice. I miss her! Kioshi did finally decide that she might not be so fearsome, and permitted her to offer scritches while he stropped her ankles to mark her. I figure that made Diana (Hope’s dog) very curious when Hope got home!

The only good that about her departure is that she had to leave to come back, right?

Katie had an appointment, then we ran some errands, then we came home and collapsed. Pretty boring, all in all.

Fun Day

I have an SBQ to post, but it’ll have to wait. :-)

I’m loving having Hope here for a visit. She’s great company, and certainly easy on the eyes. She’s been marvelously patient with my need to sleep so much and the fact that I’m dopey from fibro fogs and medications.

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We have Hope!

And we have her all weekend! Squee!

Squee! Hope is Coming!

I’m so excited! We’re going to have our very own Hope Evey visit in a few months! We finally get to meet the sweet pretty lady in person!

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