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Happy November!

I fig­ure it’s past time I check in again. Obvi­ous­ly, I’ve giv­en up on the Blog365 thing. I did make it 9 months or so, at least.

Katie turned 18 at the end of Octo­ber, so she vot­ed in the elec­tion for the first time. I’m real­ly tick­led that her first time was so his­toric! We’ll all be vot­ing in the Sen­ate run-off too, of course. I real­ly hope Jim Mar­tin makes it.

I turned 42 this week. I nev­er do under­stand peo­ple moan­ing about get­ting old­er, reach­ing a par­tic­u­lar age. It’s cer­tain­ly bet­ter than the alter­na­tive, right?

I haven’t been read­ing near as much late­ly, because my eyes don’t want to focus and I have trou­ble con­cen­trat­ing. I’m re-read­ing C.J. Cherryh’s For­eign­er series, since it’s eas­i­er to fol­low some­thing familiar.

I fell into watch­ing NCIS some­how, prob­a­bly because I got all caught up on all three CSIs. I’ve watched True Blood, but I don’t like it near­ly as much as the orig­i­nal nov­els by Char­laine Har­ris. It’s much dark­er, and nobody is near­ly as nice/​sympathetic. I don’t even like Sook­ie much, Sam Mer­lotte is an ass, and Jason – god­dess, why give that waste of flesh so much screen time? Why all the added empha­sis on sex and sub­stance use? As usu­al, the South­ern accents are abominable.

I start­ed watch­ing sea­son 3 of Dex­ter, but I’m just not enjoy­ing it as much as the first sea­son, for some reason.

So then I was lured into watch­ing Crim­i­nal Minds, large­ly due to Eliz­a­beth Bear’s reg­u­lar episode reviews (post­ed to her LJ).

At this very moment, Sam and Katie and I are watch­ing the first DVD of Car­nivàle. That is one weird, but beau­ti­ful, show. The preach­er char­ac­ter looks a lot like our friend James Jowers.

Sam and I watched Iron Man Fri­day night, I think it was. It was fun, but loud. Good thing I didn’t try to see it in the theater!

Sweet Saturday

Sam took Katie up to Republican land to pick up her new glasses lenses today--she went to the eye doctor while she was with my parents, because they were out driving and realized that she was squinting to read the road signs. Her eyes hadn't changed much at her last few yearly check-ups, but they did this time. She says everything is very nice and clear. I need to go get my own checked, but glasses are so danged expensive!

We had a nice date and a delicious steak dinner. Sam's been promising that he'll make chicken fettucine alfredo since last weekend, but the girl was gone, then he had a pretty tiring week. That's quite a meal to cook after a day at work. So I'm hoping he'll feel up to it tomorrow. The steak was really good, though!

Katie got a long letter from her friend Josh, who left for Air Force basic training recently. Then she even got a phone call from him! Apparently his group1 is doing really well, so they got access to a sort of recreation area with vending machines and pay phones after just two weeks of training. Another friend of theirs who just got out of training said they didn't get that until after five weeks, which is apparently pretty standard.

I worry about Josh--this just isn't a good time to be going into any branch of the military, as far as I'm concerned. But I'm sure he'll be a good airman, and it's what he wanted to do.

Thanks to Elizabeth Bear (), I now know that, Ohs noes! Franz Kafka read pron! I can't quite figure out why it's such a big deal to anyone, but I'm certainly not a Kafka scholar. Is there any healthy adult in the world who, given the opportunity, has not read/viewed porn at some point in his or her life?

The girl saw Mamma Mia with my mother, and said she thinks we'll enjoy watching it together. I don't pay much attention to what's in the theaters, so other than thinking it might have some connection to Abba I was clueless. Bear also posted a link to an interesting review that finally gave me a clue as to why Katie liked it so much.

1 It isn't a platoon--what do they call them in the AF?

Review: Prom Nights From Hell

So, um, I tried to read this. I real­ly did. I don’t know if it’s “para­nor­mal romance over­load” or the fact that I’d just fin­ished read­ing mate­r­i­al from two incred­i­bly good writ­ers (Sarah Mon­ette and Eliz­a­beth Bear), but I had no patience for the fluff. Over­all, I gave the book a 210.

Cover of Prom Dates From Hell
i did get through “The Exterminator’s Daugh­ter” Meg Cabot. I don’t intend to read any­thing else by her. Yes, it was bet­ter than oral surgery, but I wish I’d spent the time clean­ing the sink or some­thing. To her cred­it, I did have a “laugh out loud” moment ear­ly on, when she used the phrase “tramp stamp.” I hadn’t heard that before, and I love it (although “arse antlers” is prob­a­bly still my favorite).
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Review: New Amsterdam

I'm all infatuated with yet another author, my friends, so I must warn you that you'll be reading much more about Elizabeth Bear here in coming weeks.

Cover of New Amsterdam by Elizabeth BearNew Amsterdam is an anthology of connected stories twined around two main characters. "The Great Detective" is vampire Sebastien de Ulloa. Lady Abigail Irene Garrett is a forensic sorceror, Detective Crown Investigator in His Majesty's Service in the colony of New Amsterdam. At the beginning of the 20th century, North America is still a patchwork of European colonies, with all the attendant political intrigue and military tension.
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Boo Sickness! Recipe, Word Geeking, Reviews

This not-flu or whatever is exceedingly tiresome. I should think it would be enough to live with the day to day stuff, let alone put up with this. Then again, nobody has ever claimed in my hearing that the world is fair.

MélusineI haven't succeeded in holding any thoughts in my head long, so you're in for randomness again this entry.

I have no idea why the main article was linked from ZDNet, but doesn't this cheddar and apple sandwich seem yummy? I wonder how it would be with ham? I used to have a really good recipe for a sausage and apples dish, but I know I haven't cooked it in the last decade. Maybe I could dig it out of my ancient recipe box? There are few ways to go wrong with cooked apples, as far as I can tell.
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