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Meow vs. Arf

Livejournal’s Writer’s Block ques­tion of the day is, “Cats or dogs– which do you pre­fer, and why?”

I don’t pre­fer one over the oth­er. I’ve shared my life with cats and dogs from my ear­li­est years and love both. My par­ents wouldn’t con­sid­er allow­ing dogs inside the house and weren’t hap­py about hav­ing cats there, but small­er crit­ters are eas­i­er to sneak in, so I got more time to snug­gle with the cats. Recent­ly, I haven’t had a home with a fenced yard, so I haven’t had a dog. It seems unfair to have a dog with­out giv­ing him a place to run around and play off the leash every day. The cats deal with an all-indoor envi­ron­ment more eas­i­ly. But as soon as I’m able to do so, I’ll have a canine com­pan­ion again!


Anybody else using LiveMocha? Especially to learn French? I just joined (as TechnoMom, of course) and would like to have "friends" there. I started with the beginner level, lesson one, and actually learned a few new vocabulary words. (My wee bit of foreign language instruction in high school sucked, to put it mildly.) You're supposed to ask your "friends" for feedback on your lessons, but I don't have any and don't really want to ask total strangers about how badly I did.

Sam and Katie have been at Dragon*Con for the past few days. We had a house guest, David, but I didn't really "meet" him because of the late con hours and having a really bad pain flare. Sorry David! He went home this afternoon. I'm glad Sam has the day off tomorrow to recover. I'm glad Hope got to come to D*C, but pouting because I won't get to see her while she's in town. I know that she has brightened Sam's weekend.

I finished reading The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross last night, and started Phaedra Weldon's Wraith. I liked Morgue, but it wasn't quite as strong as The Atrocity Archives. The short story at the end of the book, "Pimpf," didn't do too much for me, but I'm not a video gamer so that probably has a lot to do with it.

I'm really liking Wraith. A lot. The fact that it's set in Atlanta is nice, because I can follow along the geography as the characters move around. (Usually, such things go right past me, even if there's a map.) Thanks to Good Reads, I know that there's a novella, "Out of the Dark," on Weldon's site that takes place between this book and Spectre.

I've also been browsing through the archives at Two Lumps, thanks to a link from . I had a pair of Russian Blues who were entirely too much like Ebenezer and Snooch! If you're a veteran of cat cohabitation, be careful when reading. I recommend not having a drink in hand (or in mouth) and being careful to empty your bladder before you start reading.

Kyoshi is busy telling me that he still doesn't want to cuddle with anybody but Katie, but he wants her home NOW! RIGHT NOW! And that we really have to stop letting the kitten out of the house without his personal supervision.

Clothing for dogs?

I’ve long known that there were peo­ple who inflict indig­ni­ties like sweaters and even tiny lit­tle boots on their canine com­pan­ions. I had no idea that the dog­gy fash­ion had become so very fash­ion­able, though.

Then I saw it. One moment I’m sur­round­ed by bird feed­ers and cat toys, the next, there it is: an entire row of Canine Couture.

I called Katie to my side to make sure I wasn’t hal­lu­ci­nat­ing, but no, she saw it too. We brought home pho­to­graph­ic evi­dence, not expect­ing you to believe us with­out it.

Very tacky Brocade Dog Dress, mostly red and black

That par­tic­u­lar “dress” was the most eye-catch­ing of this season’s dog fash­ion — at least, what that Tar­get is carrying.

We were very hap­py to come home to our sharp-clawed cats, safe in the knowl­edge that they would nev­er per­mit such a thing.