Artists Who Bring the Visions Into Reality

I cannot draw recognizable stick figures, so I'm completely in awe of people who can make something wholly imaginary look utterly believable. There are so many marvelous artists working with fantastic images - some based on characters from stories or myths, some doing completely original work.

I hope to have one of Carl Lundgren's prints sometime soon. I love Impudence, and would be tickled to hang No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service in my kitchen. Katie's father and I ran across his work at a Rennaissance Festival many years ago - around 1989? - and as soon as I found it I got a copy of his book, Great Artist. I met him at Dragon Con several years back, and he kindly signed the book for me. Unfortunately, the book was severely water-damaged during a move (it's been several years now and I'm still upset over it).

I've put out the word at every store I've seen carrying Susan Seddon Boulet's work that I want a poster of her painting of Bast, but I'm starting to think that particular one isn't available as a poster. I might have to buy a second copy of The Goddess Paintings, cut out the color plate and frame that.


Katie and I met Susan Van Camp in the dealer room at Dragon Con several years ago. We fell in love with her winged kitties - and, in fact, found that a t-shirt Katie already had featured one of Ms. Van Camp's designs. We have several of her prints now and would love to have the rest of the winged cat series.

I have two prints from Lucy Synk's "Shelf of . . . " series, and want the third. I can't find a web site for her, but I hope she has one soon!

I have a couple of small Randall Spangler pieces and would happily display just about anything he's done in my home. I really love the mischevious little dragons. Again, I can't find a web site for this artist.

Before I ran across Boulet's calendars, I used to get Boris Vallejo's Mythology calendars each year. They're beautiful! I had to laugh, though, when several visitors to our home assumed that because many of the women in Vallejo's work are scantily (if at all) clad, the calendars must have belonged to my husband, and asked if I didn't mind them hanging in our home office!

Any book with a Larry Elmore cover tends to catch my eye - and for some reason, I tend to like most of the authors for whom he's done covers.

I was introduced to Vallejo by my friend Bryan, who is a talented artist in his own right. Several of his pieces have fantasy themes.

Michael Whelan is probably one of the best-known of artists doing SF&F covers. His fine art work is even more impressive, though.

Sam gave me one of M. Peña's lovely flap cat figurines as a gift recently, and I love it. Of course, now I want more of them!

For those who do needlework, quite a few artists have given permission for their works to be translated into patterns to be stitched. Lady Jylythe has collected links to just about every site there is on the web that features fantasy needlework patterns.

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