Personal and Family Safety

Decide now--are you a victim or a fighter? Will you fight back without hesitation if attacked? If you aren't sure, go away now--you've got VICTIM written on your forehead in fluorescent letters, and nothing I say will mean a thing to you until you grow a spine.

I am not an expert on privacy or self-defense, but I have had to consider both issues seriously, so I'll share what I have learned and point you to other resources.

I strongly believe that the first step in defending yourself is controlling what others can easily learn about you--such as where you are physically. To do you physical harm an attacker must locate you, so if you've done a good enough job on the privacy side you have far less to worry about with regards to physical self-defense. You can't ignore it, of course, as there are all too many random attacks, and because no matter how good your privacy is, it will never be perfect as long as you have to actually interact with society. There, is, however, a lot you can do to protect your privacy.

Don't expect anyone else to protect you or save you. Don't expect anybody else to be there when you're attacked--I didn't say if, I said when, because statistics say that two-thirds of the adults in the US will experience a violent attack at some time in their lives. You will probably be alone when that attack comes, or with children you must protect. What will you do? It's your job to protect yoursef and your family. It isn't up to the police or any other government agency, and they will not be present when you need them the most. Taking steps to protect yourself is just like having your children immunized so they won't get sick and possibly die from a preventable disease. At least consider how you would defend yourself and your family when necessary.

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