Reading Matters

You must read, Alice, before it's too late. You must fill your mind with the invented images of the past; the more the better. These images, apart from anything else, will help you put the two and twos of life together, and the more images your mind retains, the more wonderful will be the star-studded canopy of experience beneath which you, poor primitive creature that you are, will shelter; the nearer you will creep to the great blazing beacon of the Idea which animates us all.
- Fay Weldon, Letters to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen

I read. I read a lot. I read while standing in line anywhere, while eating (unless I have someone to talk to, of course), any time my eyes aren't required to do something else. I almost always have several books in progress and keep one in my purse and at least one backup in the car--along with periodicals and so on.

I learned to read fairly early, thanks to my wonderful mother who read to me and my siblings. After finding me puzzling over her old high school literature book at age 6, trying to make sense of Beowulf, she began patiently carting me back and forth to the library at least once a week. She encouraged a love of the written word that drove me to improve my reading skills, and I credit any academic (or other) success to that skill more than any other. Katie and I spent a lot of time reading together when she was younger, until she became a confident reader on her own. She's an avid reader now, and takes a book with her everywhere just as I do.

There are a few authors who I love so much that I made pages about their poetry.

Finally, these are some pieces I find inspirational.

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